About the authors

Arpitha and Nymisha have been friends for years, meeting in P.e in elementary school. From vague acquaintances, their friendship hit it's best when they were put in the same class the next year, in sixth grade. In a span of a week, New girl Nymisha had become close with arpitha's friends. in November, Nymisha came up with the idea of a book.
after developing it for a few months, she emailed the beginning paragraphs to her friend, eager for advice and comments. when arpitha emailed back saying it was good, she excitedly continued writing her book until the middle was complete. she printed it and gave it to her stimulated friend, who read it enthusiastically, and returned it the following day, claiming it was brilliant.
in a matter of weeks, filled with comments, suggestions, editing, laughs, disagreements, and arguments, the final copy, called the discovery, had been completed. 
about Nymisha:
nymisha's childhood was filled with ups and downs, but was generally good. she made several friends from the various schools she attended, but the closest friend she ever made was with arpitha. at the age of five, she began dance lessons. for four years, it was the only extracurricular she did. at the age of nine, she began tennis lessons, although she didn't take them very seriously. at ten, she quit dance and focused on tennis, as well as starting violin. she also loves art and music.
about arpitha:
arpitha was seven when she began playing the piano, and to this day is her main extracurricular. she also plays violin, in the same class as her friend, Nymisha. She also plays tennis, but is not as into as her friend. She loves reading, more than Nymisha loves writing, and has read several books: some she liked, and some she didn't. She hates writing, but is very good at editing. She likes to paint and work with clay.

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